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DWIGHT TWILLEY - A Little Less Love

7" Single / Bang12 / 1999

Second single by the pop master on the label. The infectious “A Little Less Love” is the stand out track from his latest album. B-side features an exclusive early version of the magic “Christmas Love”.
Face A
1.A Little Less Love
Face B
1.Christmas Love
Twilley’s second 45 for the label id further proof that the man’s muse, indeed never abandoned him. The prime cut, “A Little Less Love”, easily stands up to even the best of the earliest Twilley Band ballads. Longingly melodic and tinged by heartbreak, the doughy-eyed hook makes the nostalgic worldview as easy to swallow, as on, say, Big Star’s “Thirteen”. The new holiday hymn on the back has the added musical benefit of a pair of Cowsills (Susan on backing vocals and John on drums) lending helping hands, and Twilley writes one of the most eerily solo-Lennon like melodies of his or anyone else’s career. He also gives a performance to match.
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