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DANNY McDONALD - Rock’n’roll Records

7" Single / Bang18 / 2002

Face A
1.Rock And Roll Records
Face B
1.An Hour’s Drive In A Sandman Panel Van
Danny’s the Australian ex-mainman in P76 and Jericho and this is his debut single, on a French label. “An Hour’s Drive In A Sandman Panel Van” is timeless, lilting pop, played unplugged, and sits pretty well in the Australian powerpop canon. “Rock And Roll Records” brings the full band into play and is a stone classic, getting along on the back of a catchy-as-hell “do-do-do-do-do” chorus and tasty but never overbearing guitars. This one went straight on the jukebox and is still there. Think DM3 (whose principal member Dom Mariani has amicably taken his place in the Stoneage Hearts) or P76’s “Headed Straight For The Sun” and you won’t be far wrong in summary: summery sounds.
I-94 Bar – Australia

Danny has been is so high quality bands like P76, Jericho or The Stonage Hearts. This is his first solo record, a 7” with the great song on the A side that sounds like the finest moments of The Stems, Hoodoo Gurus or DM3... We wish him a great future.
Plãtico Elãstico – Spain

This is an outstanding effort by one of the brightest lights on the pop scene.
Rock Beat

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