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THE CINDERS - Jet Set Gypsy

7" EP Single / Bang24 / 2006

It was through Freddy Lynxx (ex-Jet Boys) that Laurent Ciron (guitar/vocals), and Jeff Crane (guitar/vocals) first met, on the occasion of Freddy's tour of France and Spain in July 2001. At the end of the tour, they exchanged the CDs of their respective groups. Jeff Was immediately won over by the later albums of the Dogs. He proposed a tour in the States with the Ballbusters, his group at the time. The sad story of this tour (and the death of Dogs singer Dominique Laboubée) sounded the death-knell of both groups.This nevertheless cemented the friendship of Jeff & Laurent.

The Begining of 2003 marked the first public appearance of the duo, under the name "I.O.U." for a tribute to the Ramones, and several promotional concerts. For the occasion, they were accompanied by Christian Rosset, former bassist of the Dogs. This experience encouraged our two protagonists to continue their venture. In September 2003, the idea of recording a complete album came into being. The 4 300 miles distance separating Laurent and Jeff didn't hinder the preparation of this project. Over several months, 19 titles were composed and arranged. Because of concerns over the planning, budget - and above all - a strong desire for independence, they decided to record "in-house", literally in Laurent's Parisian kitchen. Manu Gares, the accomplice who had mixed the Dogs live album "Short, Fast and Tight" managed the equipment and recording. Christian was equal to the daunting task, and on drums, it's Sebastien Buffet who joined them. Without a rehearsal, and in only five days, the songs were in the can!

With the passing time, the group adopted a definite name, in reference to the origins and circumstances of their creation: "The Cinders". The Cinders, like the embers of a nostalgic time, but always burning... like the remnants of a fire which never ceases to burn in the hearts of those who think of the saving virtues of Rock 'n' Roll!
Face A
1.Jet Set Gypsy
2.Girl Crazy
Face B
1.My Favourite Audience
2.I’m Crying
This is a four-song vinyl EP by the French pop-rock band, The Cinders. Tha band plays a raucous, hard-rocking brand of guitar pop that is reminiscent of bands such as Badfinger, The Flamin’ Groovies and The Plimsouls. The EP opens with the catchy, hard-rocking “Jet Set Gypsy”, which is given added punch by the use of a horn section. “Girl Crazy” is an R&B-tinged rocker that shows a Chuck Berry / Rolling Stones influence. “My Favorite Audience” combines a catchy melody with ringing guitar in the classic power pop manner. The EP closes with a strong cover of the Animals “I’m Crying”. In short, the EP contains four great blasts of rocking pop. The Cinders are a band that shows a lot of promise.
Rock Beat

Straight from the Paris kitchen-cum-recording-studio of co-leader Laurent Ciron comes this four-track EP of rather fantastic rock-pop. If you've read he album review you'll know that these guy have made one of the albums of 2006 (I'd prematurely say it was THE best, but there's some heavy competition coming down the turnpike) and since this one plucks three of the best from the long-player, you know how it's going to be received. The title tune's a soulful rocker, "My Favourite Audience" the reflective pop piece and "Girl Crazy" the irresistible singalong. Surprise addition is a steaming cover of "I'm Crying" (a non album track) and if The Cinders don't scale the Burdon-led vocal heights of the original they add a different dimension with some on-the-money guitar. Now we can enjoy The Cinders on the CD player and the jukebox. It's become a permanent fixture on the latter.
I94 Bar

There's no denying that rock music as we know it is on its last legs. But then along comes a band like the Cinders, whose most recent album, "Up From The Ashes" restores the faith. Comprised of thirteen original compositions, the disc consistently showcases how these French fellows have the ability to write and arrange songs that successfully add fresh touches to an old school context. Combining the sleazy mentality of the Rolling Stones and the Faces with the charging power pop precision of the Plimsouls and the Real Kids, the Cinders create a sound that's instantly exciting. One of the many stand out cuts on "Up From The Ashes" is "The Pleasure Is Mine," which spits and swaggers to a sexy beat surrounded by some cool honky tonky piano work. Ablaze with aggressive licks and incisive hooks, "Jet Set Gypsy," "Courage" and "Girl Crazy" rank as other tracks not to be missed. Big and bold vocals further make the tunes drip with a cocky confidence. And for a change of pace, there's "Snow," a gentle ballad that features the moody murmurs of a cello. Energetic and inspiring, "Up From The Ashes" is the kind of record you'll play time and time again. And never get tired of.
Twist And Shake

Más veteranos que permanecen en la mente de unos cuantos locos. Esta banda, que en sus filas cobija a dos Ex – Dogs (Francia) por una parte: Laurent Ciron (guitarra) y Christian Rosset (bajo) que dejaron su firma estampada en la última etapa de la brillante carrera de esta más que recomendable formación(date un vuelta por el "El autobus magico" de mi amigo Pepo para saber mas sobre ellos) y un oriundo de Boston, Jeff Crane con una dilatada carrera en sus bolsillos como mercenario del rock and roll , con una interminable lista de bandas con las que se ha involucrado a los largo de estos últimos 30 años. Los maestros de escuela de The Cinders son de reconocido curriculum, Flamin’ Groovies, Johnny Thunders, MC5,….. bandas que han dejado huella a lo largo del tiempo y que este quinteto revive como si de unos “teenagers” se tratara, en un ensayo donde todo sale a la perfección. Cuatro temas editados hace algunos años, pero que me resisto a colocar en la cubeta de discos ya escuchados. Terminan el disco con una musculosa versión del manido “I’m cryin’” de los Animals ante la que es imposible permanecer estático, pero que no impide valorar temas de cosecha propia y evitar que se queden en meras anécdotas. El tanden Ciron/Crane crea el título de este ep, con las guitarras envenenadas y una sección de metales que te recarga las pilas con la fusión entre la elegancia del soul y la arrogancia del rock de las malas calles. Le sigue “Crazy Girl” clasicote riff, donde los haya, que te hace golpear rítmicamente el pie contra el suelo siguiendo ese ritmo que a algunos nos hace bailar, y sin perder el compás, siguiendo las lecciones de Chuck Berry magistralmente ejecutadas, con mala leche pero con grandioso cumplimiento en un tema firmado por Jeff en esta ocasión. Para abrir la cara b Laurent rubrica “My favourite audience” con mas guiños al power pop de verdad, con dosis de melodía arropadas por guitarras llenas de músculo. No es de extrañar que mi amigo Juancar flipe con ellos. ¿Quien no lo haría tras escuchar semejante ep?...!!Prueba!!

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