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THE ADJUSTERS - Always At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

7" Single / Bang30 / 2011

The Adjusters are a five-piece Punk / Rock ‘N’ Roll band from North West England. With their high-energy shows, Rock ‘N’ Roll attitude and their love and passion for the music, they plan to bring a new sound to the UK’s popular music scene.

Currently signed to Zodiac Killer Records (USA), who released their Debut LP ‘Reckless Relations’, The Adjusters are hoping to target today’s youth with their fresh take on 70’s Punk and Rock ‘N’ Roll. The Adjusters plan to tour with the intention of wowing younger audiences with their electrifying performances and infectious vibe. Their genre of music is heavily present in the U.S with bands such as New York Dolls, Prima Donna and other similar acts. Since forming as a band, they have been overwhelmed with the amount of success they have already achieved and the constant demand for shows, albums and merchandise.

The bands lead vocalist Ash Corner said: “There’s a few other bands that fit within our genre but most of these bands are from the states, our goal is to attract a younger audience in the UK. We’re passionate about touring and performing all over the world, and hope to reach out to audiences with a sound that’s new to them.”

Phil Bowen, lead guitarist, added: “Every gig we do we get an amazing response from the crowd, so we’re looking to keep on targeting the younger audience to bring their attention to modern Punk / Rock ’N’ Roll.”

The Adjusters are:
Ash Corner: Vocals
Philip Bowen: Guitar & Vocals
Francis Baxter: Piano, Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Neafcy: Bass Guitar
Manning: Drums
Face A
1.Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Face B
1.You Gotta Say

It's common to say that maturity comes late in a band's life and that evolution goes with the experience a band gained through the years, or with a new peception of life linked to each band member's nth divorce. It also sometimes comes with a clear spring water vision after rehab...

Considering the age of The ADJUSTERS members, I doubt that one of those things contributed to this new single orientation, so I can just deduce that this band has this little something that makes the difference.

I'm not talking about a total change but our young British guys obviously have slowed down the cadence and put their efforts on the melody in these two new songs.

Following the example of some of RANCID's songs, "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" (I can't get enough of this one!) easily could have been featured on between "Death Or Glory" and "Kola Kola" whereas "You Gotta Say" and its piano, backing vocals and Stones-ish guitars would deserve more than being a B-Side that is all but filling.

There can be no mistake about it, The ADJUSTERS didn't sell their soul in order to get the first position in the charts, they just let their precocious talent express itself and they just stay who they are in the end.

A real rock'n'roll band.
Webglam Webzine - Franckie

When I think about it if I had to pick out a few bands on the current circuit of noise whom look the part, play the part and have the potential to be the part (whatever the darn ‘part is) the Adjusters would surely be in the bag of choices. I first clapped eyes and lugs on these sleazy sub-glammed dudes about 3 years back when they were out there, full of cocky confidence trying to make a few inroads in the saturated sonic shit heap. I was more than a little taken and appreciated the effort they had made both with ‘the look’ and the musical constructions they so eagerly played. The tunes were highly catchy, filled with a 60’s Stoned up essence and with a lot more forethought than many other crews out there. Things have moved on and after a few more viewings I am even more convinced that this band are the ‘real McCoy’ and do have an outsider’s chance of actually making this into a career move. The fact that the punk rock pit and all its liberated ethics has helped them get gigs and let them slip onto gigs that aren’t primarily in keeping with the crews sound is much to the scenes credit and the fact that the band have got off their arses and jumped into these dubious pools of cacophony is very much a plus for these aspiring ‘erberts.

So what have we here then? 2 songs done in traditional nay nostalgic style with an A and B side flip and in a good old picture sleeve. For me a double A-side is how I’d deem this little offering as both tracks continue to share the Adjusting flavour and show how the band are progressing and keeping the melodies infectious and of ‘their style’.

‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’ uses a simple repeat formula and builds up to the first chorus attack before slipping into the slightly snotted, attitude laden first verse where, as I predicted and am pleased to do so, the band thrive. A swagger, a semi-insolence, a determined drive to keep the melody delightful. From the first play the song is in your head and an appreciation can be had of each individual player as they are given their own area in which to shine but are held together with a solid tightness and unity of cause. Numerous comparisons can be made so I won’t bother – this is good stuff oozing professionalism and very much a treat for a variety of musical genres – adjust thy ears and tune in dudes.

‘You Gotta Say’ suggest even more influences but again you can stick em’ and I’ll concentrate on the band thank you very fuckin’ much! Slower, keyed and confident this is my preferred bitch from these two sonic sisters and the one I take more delight in musically copulating with. A thoughtful caress of studied tuneage with a spot on production capturing melodic aromas from several eras. Subtle tinges of blue streak tinge the whole delivery and in truth, you’ll do well to remain indifferent to this. A sweet song and one to slip in between the buttocks of perilous punkage.

So what can I add – two songs from a very good band and I reckons the next two years are of the most vital importance to this lot and when big opportunities may just well appear. Get yer hands ready lads and grab, grab, grab! In the meantime punters – get this and support, support, support! It ain’t rocket science but then what is apart from er rocket science?

Unoriginal? Pfah, it's rock 'n' roll for fuck's sake, not rocket science. Retro? When your influences are the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Faces, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers and a little bit of 70s pop who gives a fuck? If you're gonna borrow a lick and a promise from anyone you might as well borrow from the best there's ever been, right? I'll let it be known right here, right now that these two tracks are the dog's danglies! These boys might just be here to save snotty British rock 'n' roll and I don't say that lightly.

Catchy, toe-tap tastic, The Adjusters follow up last year's 'Reckless Relations' album with these two tracks to tantalise music lovers as to what's coming in 2011. In all honesty these songs show how The Adjusters have matured in a short space of time, it seems focused and less chaotic than the last bunch of tracks (as majestic as they were) - these boys have found one hell of a mojo and written a right pair of belters that'll get your blood pumping. The subject matter is time honoured but the delivery is stunning. The balance of the chorus, piano, some rasping fretwork, to the hand claps and the "whoo-whoos", this is essential for any hot blooded rocker.

'Wrong Place' motors from the opening howl of feedback to the end and is blissfully cheeky throughout. 'You Gotta Say' has an infectious hook and is catchy enough to make you play it over and over again - the only problem here is that it's just the two songs on offer because you'll want more! This is released as a limited edition single so get it while you can. These bad boys deserve to be huge. It's good time rock 'n' roll and will have the listener grinning from ear to ear. Let's hope it's the right place at the right time for The Adjusters. Magnificent! Simply magnificent!

Check it out and tell me I'm wrong or rather you can thank me later for alerting you to these rays of rock 'n' roll sunshine. Now go get Adjusted before I send the boys 'round!
Uber Rock

Primera toma de contacto con este quinteto británico, teniendo presentes las reticencias que, en ocasiones y según para que cosas uno mismo se crea. En este caso concretamente, para este single que nos ocupa, hay dos que de entrada le ponen a uno a la defensiva. En primer lugar las pintas del grupo, esa mezcla de jóvenes pillados por la estética sleaze y por otro el hecho de su nacionalidad británica. Con esos antecedentes en la cabeza y procurando tener la mayor lucidez, pongo la aguja sobre la cara a y la batería empieza a marcar un ritmo contundente, las guitarras arrastran influencias que me gustan y su vocalista no se muestra pretencioso. El resultado es un tema que engancha y que ha servido para dar título a éste nuevo trabajo, (ya disponían de un lp editado para el mercado americano y un single) que ahora tras escuchar este pelotazo, no dudo ya en tenerlos en cuanta. Mientras las guitarras me envenenan la sangre, en la cara b “You gotta say” con un riff a lo Keith Richards, las notas de un piano que apesta a alcohol y coros clasicotes que pecan de irresistibles. Si bien es cierto que no descubren nada, hacen que pases un buen rato mientras las dos canciones suenan. Un gran single de este sello que ha lanzado tres últimas referencias altamente recomendables.

Von ihren Labelkollegen BRAND NEW HATE unterscheiden sich THE ADJUSTERS, was ihre Einflüsse angeht, eigentlich kaum, Johnny Thunders ist auch hier allgegenwärtig, in der Umsetzunyg sind sie ihnen aber um einige Längen voraus. Zwar finden sich in ihrem englischen Zuhause sicher auch Platten der ROLLING STONES, aber anstatt die Mumifizierung von Jagger oder Richards voranzutreiben, holen sie lieber Stiv Bators aus der Versenkung und erinnern einen daran, mal wieder die alten JONESES-Platten auf den Teller zu legen.
Dirk Klotzbach - Ox-Fanzine

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