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DWIGHT TWILLEY - Perfect World

7" Single / Bang8 / 1998

The return of the pop magician. It’s true that we had a little overlooked and almost forgotten him, since “Wild Dogs” his latest album in1986. An eclipse much desired than required when he devoted himself to other art forms even though he never really cut ties with business during this time. This first new release since 1986 by one of the great purveyors of modern pop is taken from the unreleased “The Luck” album, “Perfect World” is a pop gem with a top notch production. The single comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.
Face A
1.Perfect World
Face B
1.Never Enough
Everyone in this right senses would no doubtly feel so much pride. Because Gilles Raffier, headhoncho of the exquisite French label Pop The Balloon, has just put out the first single from Dwight Twilley in more than a decade. And, not only that, here we have two Dwight’s best compositions –and that’s just something from someone with such an outstanding songbook. Two glowing compositions full of emotion, sung as only Dwight knows how to, and with beautifully played acoustic guitars. The title track is an oustanding tune from the unreleased “The Luck” that leaves me totally amazed. While “Never Enought” is just one of those supremely crafted songs one wishes was written more often. Besides this seven inches comes in a beautifully designed gatefold sleeve that proves once again the fine taste and perfect finish touch that already is a signature for this label. You can’t live without this.
Otoño Cheyenne – Spain

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