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BILL RETOFF - Reanimation

CD / BigBang10 / 2000

This is the second full lengh solo album from this revered indie popster. A versatile compilation of songs with some of his most accomplished work to date. The essence of the 60’s pop is here. It’s all working on “Reanimation”, in living soundcolors ...affirmation (the title cut itself) ...deep eternal love (“The Rain In Your Eyes”) ...renaissance pshychedelia (“Goddess Thru An empty Glass”) ...blowtorch power pop (“When Myth Becomes Fact”) ...fuzztone rock right between the buttons (“Get Me Off Nothing Street”) ...echoes from Liverpool (“Loose Change”, “Did She Lie To Me”, “Transparent Man”) pop (“Ann”) plus the wistful and the jangly (“Magic Smile”, “World Of Love”).
2.The Rain In Your Eyes
3.Loose Change
4.Goddess Thru An Empty Glass
5.Transparent Man
6.World Of Love
7.When Myth Becomes Fact
8.Did She Lie To You
10.Get Off Nothing Street
11.Magic Smile
Après l’album de Retoff, McKenzie, Butler & Pierce, Pop The Balloon revient à la charge avec la première réalisation en solitaire de Bill Retoff. Le credo reste le même mais les compositions sont ici, plus convaincantes encore. Jingle Jangle Pop qui rivalise avec le meilleur du genre. ‘The Rain In Your Eyes‘ ou ‘Get Me Off Nothing Street’ ont déjà la stature de vrais classiques. A l’élégance harmonique des titres s’ajoute la chaleur sans pareille du Do It Yourself qui a vu Mr Retoff se charger d’à peu près tout sur ce disque. Chapeau bas.
Abus Dangereux – France

Brend new follow up release for jangly pop crusader Bill Retoff. This may be his best CD album to date. Bill just keeps getting better and better. If you have never heard him, start with this! Guest musicians include Rich Horton of Rich Arithmetics fame and Christopher Earl from the Squires Of Subterrain fame. These guys work really well together creating a cohesive and wonderfull pure pop sound! If you enjoy the 60’s pop vibe, I highly recommended this CD! This is not a cloning type tupe of release, Mr Retoff captures the spirit of 60’s pop while maintaining his own original sound! That’s what makes him a true popster in his own right! Clean and clear quitars, lots of harmonies, and nice short tunes. Have a groovy time listening to this one. A feel good release from one of the good guys in pop!

A positive return from Mr Retoff whose POP JEWELLRY, was a teaser of what might follow. What this release lacks in production quality it gains in fantastic melodies. Of the eleven tracks one is slightly psychedelic, two more mellow and the rest jangly pop with 12-string Rickenbakers, great vocal arrangements and more than anything great melodic tunes. The shadow of the Beatles are definitely apparent, but there are worse shadows in the pop sky! At a first listen it tends to be another great home-recording, but to say the record is steadily improving is nothing but an understatment! Still one cannot help to wonder what Bill could do with bigger budget! Current favorites are the immediate “When Myth Becomes Fact” and “Goddess Thru An Empty Glass” with a real goddess on duetvocals. Recommended for music lovers.
Poppin’ Up – Sweden

REANIMATION picks up where Bill’s 1996 “Pop Jewelry” CD left off and it showcases his growth as a songwriter, musician and producer.... “The Rain In Your Eyes” is a beautiful ballad with harmony vocals and a harmonica that will elicit memories of the 70’s soft rock group, America.... “Did She Lie To You?” conjures up memories of the Hollies.... “Ann” displays Beatlesque elements.... “Get Me Off Nothing Street” is punchy power pop.... “World Of Love” is a soothing ballad.... “Magic Smile” revisits soft rock.... REANIMATION displays Bill Retoff’s own vibrant sound in an album filled with sweet, snappy and timeless pop tunes and plenty of jangly ear candy. You’re 2-for-2, Bill.
Pure Pop – USA

REANIMATION is indie pop at its very best.
Rock Beat

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