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BRAND NEW HATE - Hangover And Over

LP + CD / BigBang37 / 2014

More info soon.
In the meantime, check here:
Face A
1.Feelin' Bad Feels Good
2.Sinners & Preachers
3.Luv Machine
4.Loose Your Teeth
5.Slow Down (And Do The Duck)
Face B
1.Anaconda SS
2.Hoochie Coochie Babe
3.Scream Girl, Scream
4.I Need a Hand
5.A Band on the Go
2014 might well have started slowly on the album front but the last few weeks has seen some great new records rock and roll into the Uber Rock office, and this new long player from these Frenchmen has been high on my list of ones to watch out for. So lower the lights, pour a drink, turn up that stereo and then get down to some good time rock and fuckin' roll!
Hell yeah! (should be your answer here) Brand New Hate are in the house and they're tearing my speakers a brand new hoop with their insatiable brand of good time rock and roll.
Anyone who has a copy of 'Guitar Junkies' should have a good idea of what these dudes can do and, whereas the previous album was possibly more early 'good time' AC/DC, this one is a little less 'DC and a little more of the '70s Rolling Stones and Faces shit shaking. The emphasis is on having a damn good time with some tried and trusted rock rhythms and riffs. These boys have bagged themselves an LP full of peacock struttin' good times.
Without further waffle from me 'Feelin' Bad Feels Good' does exactly what it says on the tin: Imagine what The Quireboys felt like after they wrote 'Mayfair' and the Faces felt like on every tour at their partying best. Cowbells, huge twelve bar licks, simple Chuck Berry solos, some glunk piano tonking away in the background and a vibe that this band are one laid back groovy bunch of cats. Well, this is a mighty fine way to get the Brand New Hate party started.
Next up is one of those crazy tunes that is dripping with clichés but, man, it feels so good. 'Sinners And Preachers' climbs in your head and takes up residency for the next God knows how long and has a party in your skull until it feels like calling it a day. What a mighty fine single this is and those backing vocals are awesome.
Crank up those twelve bar and let's boogie woogie people. 'Luv Machine' is seriously shaking some shit! I doubt anyone give two hoots that this kind of song has been done to death because when it's this well done nobody cares, right? Right!
'Loose Your Teeth' is Chuck Berry on some fine, fine French Champagne coming on like a really upbeat Nikki Sudden track complete with Jerry Lee piano plonking - nothing more, nothing less, just give in to it.
To end side one (shit yeah, remember that? Side one and side two?) Get used to it baby, you need the interlude to catch your breath. Before side one is out I must mention the slowed down and curious off kilter 'Do The Duck' that heaves and broods over some floor tom thumping and a jazzy trumpet a-tooting, before breaking out like Johnny Thunders did on 'Copy Cats', a great side one brought to a frantic, bluesy end.
Side two. It couldn't maintain the high standards could it? I brace myself for the "Come Down" but alas that's not happening. We get straight back on it with the rockin' 'Anaconda S.S.' - Hell, these good time boys are just warming up as 'Hoochie Coochie Babe' brings the Glunk piano to the party with a great early '70s Keith and Mick good time anthem as it struts its stuff.
You'll find a million comparisons within these tracks and if you have anything about you you won't give a shit because it's obvious that Brand New Hate understand Rock and Roll and know how to pen a top tune and have a damn good time laying this shit down! On the final tune they manage to reference Joan Jett and knock out the intro in true Faster Pussycat style (that is early FP of course).
Don't deny yourself the pleasure, get down and get with it and let Daddy 'O and the gang shake their rock and roll thang for your listening pleasure. That's what this is you know - Pure and simple it's Rock and Roll! Great songs played with plenty of passion and fun and I'm sure the band will have a good time knowing we're having a good time listening to them having a good time and so the cycle of life rolls on. 'Hangover and over and over and over again. It's as simple as the formula for Rock 'n' Roll - buy it, enjoy it and do it over and over and that's made possible with a record this good.
Uber Rock - Dom Daley

Condensé pétaradant de punk, glam et rock’n’roll vieille école façon Stones ou Faces, cet album des quatre stéphanois est une véritable démonstration de force. Rallongée d’un savoir faire à toute épreuve. Et il serait criminel de ne pas rajouter les New York Dolls à la longue liste de leurs péchés mignons ! Mais comme avoir le bon goût sûr n’a jamais suffit pour faire un bon disque, les qualités de Brand New Hate sont bien au-delà du groupe de fans appliqués et obsédés de parfaite réussite. Et si Little Suzy, leur simple précédent nous avait plus que séduit, Hangover And Over est la confirmation attendue qu’il y a bel et bien en France, un quatuor dans la lignée des Biters ou de Prima Donna. Deux groupes Américains avec lesquels – c’est tout, sauf un hasard – les Stéphanois ont déjà partagé une estrade. Et quand on dit quatuor, ce n’est plus tout à fait vrai puisque Daddy’ O Velvet et ses trois camarades bénéficient depuis quelques temps des services d’un clavier, Keys Richard le bien nommé, et d’une section de cuivres. Tous présents sur l’album et chacun contribuant à sa façon à donner davantage de patine à ces dix titres gravés pour durer. Alors quand ils citent, quelques secondes durant, I love Rock’n’Roll, le fameux slogan de Miss Jett, ça n’est pas pour faire beau. De ceux-là, on devrait reparler !
Alain Feydri - Abus Dangereux # 132

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