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GHOST ROCKETS - Goodbye To Greatness

CD EP / BigBang7 / 1998

The story of the Ghost Rockets begins, strangely enough, on a street corner in frank Siantra’s hometown during the spring of 1992. The name of the Ghost Rockets is in honor of those strange flying objects Allied fighter pilots had first spotted above Europe during World Warr II (Wonderfull drummer Dave Grohl named his band Foo Fighters after this same aerial phenomenon). Besides UFO’s, The Monkees, Buck Owens, Brian wilson and Patrick Sky have exerted important, indelible influences upon the Ghost Rockets music. They have made several appearances on compilation albums the world over, had a European turnable hit with their landlocked version of the Beach Boys’ “In My Room”, wrote and recorded one of Fendert Radio’s most listner-requested tunes of 1996, and have been hailed high and wide as everything from ‘Odd-ball geniuses’ to ‘a country version of the Partridge Family’ by not only the international press but some extremely well-known fellow music-makers as well. This 6-track CD album on the Pop The Balloon label marks the band’s first-ever full-length release, and will undoubtedly be looked back on by future generations as no less than the Ghost Rockets’ very own ‘Exile On Beale Street’.
1.Goodbye To Greatness
2.Woman In Paradise
3.Roses (To You)
4.My Guilty Pleasure
5.Make Me Believe In You
6.Try To Believe
De l’imparable “Gogbye To Greatness” au folck-rock pénétrant de “My Guilty Pleasure”, du délicat “Roses (To you)” à la Everly Brothers en passant par la pure pop insouciante de “Try To Believe”, les Ghost Rockets savent trousser à l’ancienne des chansons aux mélodies évidentes et malignes tout en sonnant frais et naturel. Les Ghost Rockets act naturally.
Gilles Raffier – France

The Spatula Ranch Sessions offers country-rock from the point of view of a pop band. Still, there are plenty of genre-typical pedal steel guitars but behind them there is no Garth Brooks country pap. The opening track lies somewhere between The Flying Burrito Bros. and The Jayhawks. In “Woman In Paradise” Elvis meets Chris Isaak. “Roses” and “Try To Believe” are beautiful pop-country songs. And with “My Guilty Pleasure” The Ghost Rockets admit that sometimes they like things that are actually ashamed of.
Zuger Pressse

Six new trax from the band that embodies the soul of The Burrito Brothers / Guy Clark / Gene Clark than anyone out there. Full of the bluegrass passion and firebrand rocn’n’roll spirit that mage Gram parsons click with so many people. These trax feature a unique reverant interpretation of the soul of that’s moving the alt. Country into the mainstream. Why they are not part of that mainstream with labels is beyond me, so God Speed to Pop The Balloon in france for taking the next step!
Not Lame – USA

Pop the balloon, un des labels Français les plus précieux, consacré à la pop lumineuse, sort à nouveau de l’obscurité un combo US tout ce qu’il y a de plus intéressant. Ils viennent d’Hoboken et mêlent pop, country et rock avec bonheur, et aussi une grande simplicité apparente dans le son et les mélodies, c’est ce qui fait la différence. Fraicheur incomparable. Pour faire court, on pensera aux premiers REM, aux Apartments ou à Flying Color, slide guitar en plus. Ecoutez ce ‘Make Believe In You’. Miraculeux! Les titres sont de ’93 et ’94 mais le groupe est toujours en activité. Ce premier volume nous montre principalement la facette country pop du groupe, mais il en a d’autres. On attend donc le volume 2 de pied ferme.
Larsen – France

The Ghost Rockets merge folk and country rock, with a healthy injection of melody on this mini album which could have quite easily been recorded in the late 60’s / early 70’s. Imagine a cross between Johnny Cash and The Byrds, with traces of Mike Nesmith and you should get some idea of the Ghost rockets sound. Importantly, their songs are quite catchy and well written so they should still appeal to pop fans. Judging by the album’s title there is more material to come from the Ghost Rocket’s Spatula Ranch sessions, which hopefully one day will see a release.
Pop On Top – USA

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