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LOST CRUSADERS - Have You Heard About The World?

LP / Pow5 / 2015

The Lost Crusaders are Michael Chandler (Outta Place, Raunch Hands) backed by a wonderful line-up, Buffi Aguero (Subsonics, also did the cool artwork), Joey Valentine (Star Spangles, Baby Shakes), Brian Hurd (Daddy Long Legs) Johnny Vignault (Vendettas), and some help by friends Jon Spencer, Matt Verta-Ray, Keith Streng, Laura Cantrell.
Face A
1.Have You Heard About The World?
2.I Don't Ask Why
3.Downward Road
4.I Wonder What Ever Happened
5.There Used To Be A River
6.Wasted On The Wind
Face B
1.Planted By The Water
2.Too Late
3.Whose Name Will I Call?
4.Where Did It Go?
5.Have You Heard About The World?
6.It Don't Worry Me
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