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7" Single / Bang11 / 1999

Recorded with the Yum Yums, “Let’s Go” have what a real power pop hit needs: crisp vocals, a slashing guitar sound, a bucketfull of energy and a melody you can’t avoid humming to. Simple, effective and just irresistible. The B side, “She Says She Loves Me” is a different version than the one which appears on the “One Night” album. Gatefold sleeve.
Face A
1.Let’s Go
Face B
1.She Says She Loves Me
Nouvelle livraison de Pop The Balloon, présentation impeccable comme d’habitude. Qui permet, par ailleurs, à Paul Collins, l’ex Nerves de faire son grand retour chez nous. Il a l’ai en forme à en juger par ces 2 titres très réussis – l’un plus rockab’ ("She Says…"), l’autre plus sauvage ("Let’s Go") accompagné par les Yum Yums, redoutables Norvégiens.
Abus Dangereux – France

Pop The Balloon thankfully ressurected yet another pop music cult legend (a fact evident on a quick peek at the inside sleeve which shows the record sleeves from all his different stages) on this sensentional 7". “Let’s Go” teams Paul Collins with Norway’s The Yum Yums, and it comes out sounding like the missing link between Gary glitter and the Ramones (but with a particulary great ha, Beat), which is to say like brain-cell sapping, sugar-rushing good fun. He turns down the amplifiers and tempers the, um, nerves on “She Says She Loves Me” a perfect soft-rockabillyrespite from the front side’s manic energy.
AMG All Music guide – USA

From the now distant “From Town To Town” LP (Caroline Records, 1993), we had no news from Paul Collins. Now we have this new single with a couple of brillant compositions that bring back to life the best Paul Collins. On one side, there’s “Let’s Go” recorded in Norway by The Yum Yums, to which Paul adds his voice and does the final mixing down in New York. It is a truly inspired song remininiscent of his most vital and urgent work fronting The Beat. On the other side, “She Says She Loves Me”, recorded in San Francisco with his old pal Steve Huff, is closer to the sound of his lastest studio album, and so we are delighted with some more acoustic sounds, with one more impeccable song. I don’t know whether there’s a follow up album to this single, but I do know that you gotta have it no matter what.
Otoño Cheyenne – Spain

The two new songs on this lovingly packaged single out of France feature an old-style power-pop basher on the A side (with Norwegian studs The Yum Yums providing Ramones-like backing) and a taste of his more recent style on the flip.
The Big Take Over – USA

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