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THE BUTTSHAKERS - Gimme A Little Sign

7" / Bang25 / 2008

"Sake it up ! Shake it down !"

The Buttshakers are a wet soul band dedicated to move your feet and spin your head. Born in 2007, local scene heroes, they were joined by the fall of the year by Ciara Thompson, a young american singer from Missouri, who was a gospel diva back in her youth. She took the lead vocals from then on. The backing band members are Fabien Gianina (Mischka, Vegas Hookers) bass & vocals ; Antoine Seguin (Swingin’ for Nothing) saxophone, Julien " Panther " de Saint Jean (The Thirsty Selenits Band) / trompet, Julien "Butt" Masson guitar/vocals and Arnaud "Bottaz" Bottazzi (Vegas Hookers) on drums.

True to their wild rock'n'roll roots - all members had punk & rock bands before - , the Buttshakers deliver huge slices of delicate harmonies mixed with high energy and sensuality. A 4-track demo was recorded january 2008, and an international tour is scheduled soon. Some fresh recordings are on the pipes, soon to be delivered. Stay tuned !!

"Roll on baby, roll on, the Buttshakers are here for the show !!!"
Face A
1.Gimme A Little Sign
Face B
1.Shake A Tail Feather
This is the first release by The Buttshakers, a French soul band that is fronted by Ciara Thompson, an American singer with a gospel background. For their debut, the group turns in excellent covers of two well-known soul classics. With blaring horns and funky bass, The Buttshakers expertly recreate the classic sixties soul sound of Stax Records. While there is nothing particulary original here, the record is well done and highly enjoyable.
Rock Beat

From France comes The Buttshakers, peddling a debut single that only hints at how dynamic they actually are. Covers of Brenton Wood's "Gimme A Little Sign" and James and Bobby Purify's "Shake A Tail Feather" are revisited with swanky insight. Spooling out these tunes with soul to spare, The Buttshakers are a tight lot. Lead singer Ciara Thompson is blessed with a bold set of pipes, smacking of conviction while rest of the band has total command of their instruments. Freshly scrubbed harmonies, blaring horns and head bobbing grooves also complete the package. Big things are definitely in store for The Buttshakers.
Beverly Paterson – Twist And Shake

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