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THE BITERS - Hang Around With The Biters

7" Single / Bang28 / 2010

Who the hell are the Biters? To start with, they are a four-piece band based in Atlanta, GA. The members of the band are; Tuk, formally of the Heart Attacks, on guitar and lead vox, Matt(guitar, background vox), Travis (bass, background vox) and Joey (drums, no vox. He ain’t Phil Collins). The band came together officially as the Biters with the addition of Matt in November of 2009 and hit the ground running. The band began rehearsals as the Biters, with their first show later that same month. From there, they started making quick noise in the Atlanta music scene. Since their first release, they’ve been rising quickly to become one of the top bands in the city. Their record label, Underrated Records, also based in Atlanta, had planned a series of 3 EPs for the band to be released within a calendar year of the first. The band and label accomplished this goal with time to spare. The idea being the band could stay solidly at work for a year, not usually an option for a young upstart band, while never letting up on writing, touring and promoting.

From the release of their debut Self-Titled EP in April 2010 and the lead single and brilliantly fun “Hang Around”, to the second EP released late August 2010 “It’s Okay to Like Biters” with the stellar single “Melody For Lovers”, and now to the most recent 7 song EP “All Chewed Up” released in March 2011, the band has expanded its musical breadth all the while still sounding like the same band. Just like the Biters’ influences: Cheap Trick, Sweet, T-Rex, Thin Lizzy and Big Star all of the songs on each EP contain lots of harmonies and strong chorus’ and a concerted effort to play as well as possible. The Biters feel recorded music does not need to be polished spit-shine clean to be good, but it should always be performed in the studio as great as possible, otherwise what’s the point. The lyrics on the EP’s, while sometimes seemingly innocent, actually may imply something more sinister; a really good time either going on, a good time already had or the consequences of such good times. Each song’s lyrics tell the story. The listeners get to be a part of the tale because they have most likely been there many times, even if they can’t remember.

In between recordings, the band has regularly hit the road, bringing their energetic live show to the masses and building a solid, faithful, supportive and strong fan base. The spring 2011 tour will cover the entire US, a first for the band. This is another area in which the Biters work very hard; play great shows. The band wants to be able to deliver each song live as they do on record, but with even more energy and heart. The kind of energy only a live show can allow. This idea to play like you’re life depends on it, while not new, tends to be somewhat forgotten these days. Fans love it, as do those who have never seen them or are not familiar with the Biters. With great songs and great live shows to back them up, after one show or listen, the Biters are hard to forget and clearly answer the question, who the hell are the Biters.
Face A
1.Hang Around
Face B
1.Beat Me Baby
Bereits in Ox #92 hatte ich diese Band anhand ihrer s/t-10“ ohne Sinn und Verstand abgefeiert, selbstverständlich hat sich daran inzwischen auch nichts geändert, denn mit „Hang around“ und „Beat me baby“ wurden zwei der absoluten Überhits einer ohnehin schon als Hit eingestuften Platte jetzt für diese 7“ ausgekoppelt. Interessant vor allem für diejenigen, die die 10“ verpasst haben und die sich endlich ihre Dosis Glam-infundierten EXPLODING HEARTS-Powerpop abholen wollen.
Dirk Klotzbach - Ox-Fanzine

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